Coppercoat Antifoul

This autumn sees the start of our conversion from tradition hull antifoul paint to a more eco-friendly coppercoat permanent foul prevention system.
Yacht hulls get covered with marine growth, as seen on the image below, unless the hull is treated with an antifouling paint product.

Traditional antifoul paints are applied yearly, with a large proportion of the paint being washed off into the sea during the course of the year.
Not the most eco friendly solution, but until recently it was the only option.

Coppercoat, however, is a longer term solution, with very little of the product entering the marine eco-system. It`s life span is normally over 10 years.
Large amounts of fine copper powder are mixed into a water-based, 2-part epoxy resin, that is painted onto a fully prepared yacht`s hull.
However, unlike traditional antifoul, more coats of coppercoat are needed, as it is painted on in very thin layers.

Our Bavaria 38 "Edelweiss" took 5 coats to complete the process, see the photos below.
An untreated hull quickly becomes fouled with marine growth (the picture above is NOT Edelweiss!).

First Coat of Coppercoat
The 2nd coats looks much better
3rd coat going on
4 coats down , 1 to go
5th coat on with the keel and rudder painted as well
( If you are wondering what the blue marks are - they are just scratches from all that parking practise we do. Kallan, our bosun, will soon have them polished out! )