RYA Day Skipper Sailing Package - Fast Track

The RYA Day Skipper Tidal Sailing Practical qualification really is the gateway to chartering  yachts and reducing the insurance of your own sailing yacht. It also gives you an automatic right to claim the ICC international sailing certificate which is increasingly needed for sailing abroad.
The route to obtaining your RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification is varied, but if your a beginner or have no formal training then the training course route detailed below is our recommendation.
However, each of these courses has a level of experience required. It`s simply not a case of just doing the courses, you need to build experience in between the courses. With this aim in mind we have created a whole package of courses and experience aimed to get you to pass your RYA Day Skipper Sailing Practical qualification with ease.
Experience Required - None

RYA Day Skipper Sailing Practical Package Details

Training & Experience Package - 360 Miles

Our RYA Day Skipper Sailing package includes both RYA courses and experience building and we recommend the package is completed  anywhere from 3 to 9 months. The package must be completed within 18 months of purchase. 
Content includes.:-

Step 1 - Initial Training

RYA Competent Crew Sailing Course - 5 days at sea - £499 depending on season

Step 2 - Experience & Ancillary Courses

Solent Mileage Builder - 2 days at sea - £249
RYA VHF SRC Radio - 1 day in classroom - £69
RYA Day Skipper Theory - 5 days in classroom - £349
Solent Mileage Builder - 2 days at sea - £249

Step 3 - Skipper Training
RYA Day Skipper Sailing Tidal Practical Course - 5 days at sea - £499 depending on season

Step 4 -  Additional Training

Sailing Skills Day - £125
RYA First Aid At Sea - 1 day in classroom - £69
RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance - 1 day in workshop - £69

Total cost of package if bought individually £2177. Package Price £1799.
Course dates can be selected from our live course calendar, ideally completed within a year of starting.

Interested ? Give us a call to discuss : Tel 02380 658790

How To Book ?

Option 1 : Why not book the first course being the  RYA Competent Crew via our website calendar booking system. If you enjoy that course you can upgrade to the complete day skipper package by simply paying the difference up to the package price within 14 days of completing the Competent Crew course.

Option 2 : If you do want to buy the package outright now, the purchase here.