RYA Tidal Conversion Sailing Courses In The Solent

There is no formal RYA sailing course to convert from the non-tidal to a tidal version of the popular RYA Day Skipper Sailing qualification. It`s simply a case of gaining experience in tidal waters and then being assessed at an RYA training centre by a suitably qualified RYA instructor.

If you simply need to be assessed then the cheapest option is to book a 2 day mileage builder with us. This will allow time for the RYA instructor to check your tidal sailing skills and hone them as well.

If you have never sailed in tidal waters or have no tidal experience as a skipper then we would suggest attending the entire 5 day RYA Day Skipper Sailing practical course. There are a range of bespoke options including chartering a yacht with instructor for a long weekend, but this will be a much more expensive option.

Before attending any of the options above you must ensure your theory and navigation knowledge is to the level of RYA Day Skipper Theory.

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