RYA Sea Survival Course In Southampton £99


Courses Are Run On Demand For Groups

The RYA Sea Survival course is a 1 day course that runs at our Shamrock Quay classrooms with the afternoon session at Southampton`s specialist marine services swimming pool just 15 minutes from our training centre. This course is needed for many commercial endorsements and also for joining many popular sailing events worldwide.


It is a well proven fact that in the event of an emergency at sea, people who have received RYA sea survival training are more likely to survive. This 1 day course covers preparation for survival, lifejackets, search and rescue and a practical session in a swimming pool with a modern self inflating liferaft. 


The RYA Sea Survival 1 Day Courses In Southampton covers :-

  • 1. Preparation for sea survival


  • Survival difficulties
  • Survival requirements
  • Equipment available
  • Actions prior to abandonment


  • 2. Lifejackets and liferafts


  • Lifejacket design and construction, correct donning procedure, purpose and use of lifejackets
  • Safety harnesses – purpose and use
  • Liferafts –stowage and containment on boardtypes, design and construction launching abandoning the vessel and boarding liferaft righting a capsized liferaft equipmentinitial actions to be taken in a liferaft


  • 3. Principles of survival


  • Methods to increase chances of survival
  • Signs, symptoms and treatment of hypothermia
  • Symptoms, method of treatment for sunburn, heat exhaustion and heatstroke
  • Survival routines to aid location
  • Correct use of pyrotechnics and other location aids
  • Water rationing – procedures
  • Dehydration and preventative measures
  • Food rationing
  • Sources of food


  • 4. Survival craft ailments


  • 5. Raft management


  • 6. Search and rescue


  • Rescue by helicopter or vessel
  • Role of HM Coastguard
  • UK and International SAR Organisation
  • Other services