STCW 95 2010 Safety Training Courses

The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers, requires that seafarers be provided with “familiarization training” and “basic safety training” which includes basic fire fighting, elementary first aid, personal survival techniques, and personal safety and social responsibility. 

This training is intended to ensure that seafarers are aware of the hazards of working on a vessel and can respond appropriately in an emergency. Which STCW course is right for me? In the maritime world, safety is paramount. 

At SBT we offer a comprehensive range of all-inclusive STCW safety training courses at our all-inclusive site in Cowes, Isle of Wight. Our courses cover the theory and practice of staying safe at sea. STCW essentials and best value for money If you just need to complete the STCW, we offer: 
Basic Safety Training (STCW95/2010) 
Crowd Management STCW code Section (A-V/2 & A-V/3)* 
This covers all the essential modules for the best value for money. 

*Those interested in crowd management should also speak to a course adviser at the time of booking. You can also complete some of these modules separately: Elementary First Aid Personal Survival Techniques STCW Advanced courses and First Aid Some maritime professionals will be required to complete a more advanced medial, rescue and firefighting courses for some employment on board. 

This could apply to Security Officers, Masters, Mates, Engineering officers or other positions depending on the ship. These courses are: Advanced Fire Fighting Course Proficiency for Persons in Charge of Medical Care on Board Ship. Proficiency in Medical First Aid on Board Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than fast rescue boats (restricted) These are MCA approved qualifications as well.