Covid 19 Updates & Course Procedures - 2021 Courses

Updated 10/01/21        Checked 19/01/21

Southampton is assigned to tier 5 lockdown meaning no courses can run.

We still aim to reopen on the 15th February 2021 but will see how the national situation develops .
We do not intend to cancel late February courses at this point but will keep this page constantly  updated.

When courses do resume please read below to see how the latest guidance affects your course:-

Firstly, it is the students responsibility  to follow their own tier restrictions. 
Only book and attend if your tier allows.

If we can not run a scheduled course then you will be refunded immediately  in full.
The details below explain how each course will differ from our normal procedures. We will amend these changes in line with all new  official Uk government guidance .  These procedures will be in place until further notice.


Outdoor activities can run when Southampton is in tiers 1, 2 or 3 with the restrictions detailed below.
Indoor shorebased courses can run when Southampton is in tiers 1 or 2 only with the restrictions detailed below.

Personal Protective Equipment & Centre Cleaning

At this time the use of PPE is not mandatory other than in our reception and communal corridors where we ask students to wear a face covering at all times. SBT do not have a supply chain for PPE and are not in a position to provide it to students. We ask students attending courses to provide their own PPE to suit their requirements. We do encourage use of face coverings for shorebased courses.

To help reduce the risks we already have several procedures in place. These include contact & trace details on arrival, temperature checks, hand washing and extra cleaning of all surfaces. The NHS track & trace QR code is on display in our reception.

Practical Sailing Courses - Running Except When Southampton  Is Tier 4

Because these courses are predominately outdoors they can run with mixed bubbles, ie any mix of single students, couples or groups.

It is the accommodation that needs particular care to ensure we follow the government legislation, so :-
All sailing courses including RYA Competent Crew, Day Skipper, day sailings and mile builders will return to base at the end of each day. 
Our instructor will leave the yacht each day to give more room for students to comply with social distancing. At this point the course has finished for the day. 

Students are welcome to stay onboard the yacht if covid restrictions allow. It is the solely the students responsibility to follow their current covid tier restrictions when considering accommodation options. offer very well priced accommodation options.

Our marina has many facilities available such as showers and toilets. Takeaway food deliveries and a Tesco are also available.

SBT will not be providing any complimentary food for these courses. The breakfast and lunch we normally provide for free will not be available to minimise social contact.  We suggest that lunch should be very quick, easy and ready made. The shared cooking facilities are not available during the course inline with government guidance. Your instructor can use the facilities to make hot drinks but still bring flasks and water as required.

There is also a cafe & bistro at Shamrock Quay that have reopened and can provide both breakfast, a takeaway lunch & evening meal service.

All waterproof gear will be washed between courses.

Practical Powerboat Courses - Running Except When Southampton Is Tier 4/5

RYA powerboat courses will run nearly as normal. We don`t provide any food on these courses so please follow our normal course details.

All students will be loaned their own navigation pack including charts, Portland plotter, dividers and pencils etc. This will reduce personal contact still further.  All waterproof gear will be washed between courses. 

Shorebased Courses - Running Except When Southampton Is Tier 3 or 4/5

Shorebased courses will run as follows :-

Our Covid procedures  follow guidance for a workplace not a domestic dwelling as we are a commercial business.

Courses such as RYA Diesel Engine and First Aid will be taught at an even lower ratio than normal. Most training centres run with 12 students per course. We normally run with 8 students but this will now been cut to just 4 students per course. As you will see from the photos of our main teaching rooms there is plenty of space with just 4 students per room.  Social distancing as per government guidance will be in place.

RYA Day Skipper Theory, Yachtmaster Theory & VHF Radio will run with our normal 8 students in our large teaching room with each student having their own resources loaned to them as per the photos below. So there will be no sharing of resources.  This will reduce personal contact still further. 
Social distancing as per government guidance will be in place.

Running with just 4 students is not economically viable for us in the long term and so some courses won`t be scheduled until we know we can teach them at our normal ratio. Petrol Engine courses may restart in the spring. Because of this low ratio some course costs have had to be increased. 
Social distancing as per government guidance will be in place.

We are encouraging all students on shorebased courses to wear  a face covering at all times.

Day Sailing & Other Sailing Events - Running Except When Southampton Is Tier 4/5

Our Solent day sailing will not include lunch or drinks.  Please bring your own supplies for all these events.
Accommodation for multi day events is as per our practical sailing courses above.