SBT One Day Marine Theory & Navigation Refresher Course

One Day Marine Navigation & Theory Refresher Solent Boat Training

Marine Navigation

One of the hardest areas to maintain is our navigational skills. As we rely more on electronics and digital technology in our day to day lives, we can quickly forget the fundamentals of traditional navigation.
Understanding Charts, Passage Planning & Pilotage Plans, prove almost invaluable when the dreaded plotter decides to fail us.  
In addition, it is essential, as a responsible Skipper, to have a full understanding of Buoyage, Lights (on both Buoys and Vessels), be confident on the Decisions & Actions to be taken to avoid a potential collision, in a variety of situations.

Planning a Trip Abroad

Whether you're planning your next trip abroad to one of the many sort after sailing locations in the Mediterranean, such as Greece, Croatia, Spain or Italy or even further afield to the United States, Central or South America, having refreshed that Navigation knowledge will not only assist with planning an Island Hopping excursion, but will also give you confidence in your plan, whilst making that long awaited holiday a far more relaxing experience.

Boating in the UK

Boating in the UK can be demanding, with so many different boating areas, from large Lakes, Reservoirs, Locks and other inland waterways, to the challenges of fast moving and complicated tidal estuaries, rivers  and sometimes crowded Ports and Harbours, such as those found on the South Coast and within the Solent.

With a better understanding, you can venture into those usually unchartered waters, where we might not feel confident enough to venture.

Returning to Boating

Maybe you are getting back into boating after a spell away and want to brush up on that navigational knowledge that was once second nature to you or you just wish to polish up some specific areas, then surely now is the time to refresh those navigational & theory principals of boating. 

Bespoke Training

If you feel you would like more time to yourself for any specific areas that you'd like to focus on, as an individual or as a group of friends or family, then why not get in touch and book a bespoke days training with one of our experienced theory instructors.

What's the Format

The day runs from 9am to 5pm approx.  Course cost from just £69.

Below are some of the areas covered during this one day classroom refresher:



Buoyage & Lights
Collision Regulations 
Understanding Weather Forecasts
Introduction To The Marine Chart


Datum WGS 84
Latitude & Longitude
True & Magnetic Bearings
Admiralty Tidal Curve
Tidal Atlas & Diamonds