RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Courses In Southampton £99

The RYA Diesel Maintenance course runs several times per month at our training workshop within Shamrock Quay marina just 1 mile from the centre of Southampton.  We base the course on a real Volvo engines, being a Penta MD2030 & D1-30 diesel engines, the skills you learn are transferable to any modern marine diesel engine. This 1 day course starts at 9.30am finishing before 5.00pm costing just £99.

Being able to service and maintain your boats engine gives you reassurance at sea  and can also reduce your ownership costs. During the course you change the engine oils & filters, replace water pumps &  impellers. Also get to understand turbos, starter motors and much much more.

With 4 real engines you will gain both theoretical & practical hands on experience of modern diesel marine engines. Changing fuel filters, oil filters, impellers and belts are all covered in detail.

Volvo Penta MD 2030

3 Cylinder 29hp 

Fresh Water Cooled

Shaft or Sail Drive Gearbox Options

Volvo Penta Diesel Md2030
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RYA Diesel Engine Course
RYA Diesel Engine Course
RYA Diesel Engine Course

RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Course Syllabus

1. Introduction

Principles of the diesel engine

2. The four-stroke cycle

Naturally aspirated engines


Intercooling / aftercooling

3. The fuel system

The basic system

The tank

The water-separating pre-filter

Fuel lift pump

The engine fine filter

Injection pump


Bleeding the system

4. The cooling system

Seawater cooling

Freshwater cooling

Temperature control

The thermostat

The seawater impeller pump

5. The air systems

The airway in

The airway out

6. Engine electrical systems

The basic system

Battery capacity and care

Drive belts

The alternator

7. Spares and tool requirements

Basic spares and tools

8. Importance of winterisation and servicing

Engine lubrication

Transmission lubrication

Winterisation and servicing

Service schedule

9. Fault finding

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