RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course In Southampton From £249

Our fully inclusive RYA intermediate powerboat course commonly known as the powerboat level 3 intermediate course costs from just £249 per person for this 2 day course. We always include everything you need to complete this course which includes our RYA advanced powerboat instructor, 7.2m rib, all fuel, waterproofs, lifejackets and use of our classrooms.

RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course Exploring The Solent

Our Southampton marina classrooms overlooks our training fleet of 10 Ribcraft & Redbay rib boats. We usually use a larger rib for the intermediate course, but owning a range boats allows us to be flexible. We tend to use our 7.2m 200hp ribs for the intermediate coastal course.

Following on from the level 2 powerboat course we run longer passages with means our preparation needs to better than the level 2 standard. We add to your navigation skills in the classroom and then put them into practise on these longer Solent runs. 

RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course

The RYA intermediate powerboat course will allow you to bareboat charter from most rib charter companies as it proves you have spent more time on the water and under tuition than a powerboat level 2 student.

So a summary of whats included :-

RYA powerboat instructor

Ribcraft 7.2m rib training boat including all fuel used

Waterproof gear and lifejacket

Classroom with charts, books, tea & coffee

RYA course completion certificate

Previous Experience Required: 

Boat handling to the standard of the Level 2 Powerboat Handling course with a coastal experience on a planning boat. Your skills must be to the powerboat level 2 standard or beyond. It is not a course requirement but we do recommend the RYA Essential Navigation online theory course to help brush up on your navigation and seamanship. It is strongly recommended that candidates hold a first aid certificate and a VHF/SRC operators certificate. Minimum student age is 16 years old.

If you have not boated for a while or have no previous coastal powerboating experience we strongly recommend completing your powerboat level 2 with us first as our pb2 course includes good coastal water experience. 

RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course Syllabus

Aim: To teach powerboating up to the standard required to complete a short coastal passage by day. 

The intermediate course syllabus below is aimed at confirmation of powerboat level 2 skills and taking certain areas to the next level.

    Theory - Planning a day cruise
    True and magnetic bearings
    Bearing and distance
    Chart symbols
    Tidal diamonds and tidal streams
    Use of pilot books
    Position lines
    Use of marina locks
    Latitude and longitude
    The principles of GPS
    Sources of forecast information and the interpretation of forecasts
    Tidal heights at secondary ports
    Use a plotting instrument and plot a course to steer (CTS)
    Work out tidal heights for standard pors using a tidal curve
    Interpret Lateral and Cardinal buoyage
    Implement IRPCS, in particular rules 5,7,8,9,12-19,23
    Use GPS waypoint navigation and determine XTE, SOG, COG, BTW, DTW
    Use a laminated chart afloat
    Use pilotage to enter an unfamiliar port by day
    Explain how to make a VHF emergency call
    The importance of protective clothing and safety equipment
    The minimum level of equipment for the boat
    Considerations of equipment required for longer passages
    Correct stowage of equipment
    Effect of waves
    Rougher conditions
    Awareness of other water users
    Mooring stern-to between posts or Med style
    Demonstrate awareness of wind and tide
    Moor alongside, in a marina berth
    Demonstrate the use of an appropriate length of kill cord at all times
    Demonstrate a practical application of techniques for pilotage in local waters
    The need for pre-planning, including advice in the event of having to return at night
    Apply the lessons learnt in the theory section and successfully complete a practical passage
    Fix position by traditional and electronic means
    Techniques for picking up a man overboard in differing conditions
    Pick up a man overboard