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25/07/2021 19:00:03
Level 2 powerboat
I've just completed the two-day level 2 powerboat course, and have gone from knowing virtually nothing to feeling confident enough to go out in a boat on my own in quiet conditions. Bryan is a really good instructor: he is patient and helpful, he explains everything simply and clearly, and is also very keen to share useful extra knowledge beyond the scope of the course. The course itself is extremely comprehensive and packs a lot in over just two days. I hope to put what I've learnt into practice soon!
21/07/2021 12:33:54
Day Skipper Practical 5 Days
Just completed this with Terry. An incredible instructor. Terry thoroughly examined me against the RYA schedule but more than that I picked up some fantastic sailing tips along the way. He is an inspiring man - with an in-depth and incredible wealth of sailing knowledge. On top of that, he is a fantastically interesting man. I have gone through comp crew, miles builders, day skipper theory, and day skipper practical with SBT. I think Matt runs a "tight ship" if you will pardon the pun, I have learned so much with SBT, their instructors are great, their boats are super, they have a good approach to their clients. I would like to thank Dom, Tom and Terry plus others for taking me from a novice through to DaySkip
09/07/2021 23:45:31
RYA Day Skipper Theory
I took this as a virtual course with the option of an invigilated exam. I have to say that Tom was incredible. He got us through a tremendous amount of detail in a very clear way. I would highly recommend SBT for anyone seeking to follow the RYA syllabus through to |Day Skipper
09/07/2021 23:24:02
Powerboat 2
I have just attended the Power Boat 2 course. It was excellent. Our instructor, Russ, is a gifted educator. He made all parts of the classroom work easily digestible and interesting, and kept a good energy and pace. On the water he is unflappable and patient and I learned lots on this course and had fun doing it.
04/07/2021 12:04:24
so far I have completed level 2 powerboat, day skipper theory and now intermediate powerboat all with SBT it was perfect doing this a week after the day skipper theory as the information was fresh in my mind, this course is perfect for those who have some boat handling experience and at least a basic knowledge of navigation and buoyage, without that i think one would find it a bit intense so worth getting the basic knowledge beforehand. Sean the trainer made the course informative and enjoyable, we also had the benefit of some great weather. thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. looking forward to my day skipper practical in August! 27-28/05/21 Dave
09/06/2021 08:59:13
Day skipper theory
at 55 I dont generally look forward to attempting more learning, my brain is like a (full) filing cabinet, for extra stuff to go in some old stuff needs to come out. The course was pretty full on but the trainer Tom did well to get the info across without the benefit of a classroom environment, the use of technology was managed well and the whatsapp group for the candidates is a brilliant idea, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and I know now what a Katabatic wind is :-) course 17/05/21- 21/05/21 Dave
09/06/2021 08:50:27
Powerboat 1+2
I had Russ and he really helped me improve. From never driving a powerboat to being decent. I really enjoyed the course the lessons were interesting and the driving was very fun.
08/06/2021 19:00:16
Day Skipper Motor practical
Just completed the 4-day Day Skipper practical motor course. Fabulous time, due to the two fun people also on the course but also to Sam, our instructor. Very calm, assured and knowledgable as well as a great sense of humour. It was precisely what I hoped it would be - testing but highly enjoyable, and very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend the company (this was my 4th course with them and the fifth is next month), the Day Skipper course and obviously the instructor. 10/10 again.
07/06/2021 16:36:27
RYA Powerboat Level 2
I completed the Powerboat Level 2 course with Russ over the bank holiday weekend. I really enjoyed the course and wish I was there now to practice some more! The group really worked well together and Russ gave us confidence and clear guidance throughout. The classroom sessions were also interesting. The course has inspired me to learn more and continue to improve my skills despite being in the landlocked Midlands. There is a nice balance of classroom work, learning to handle and manoeuvre the boat at low speeds and handling at speed.
01/06/2021 10:38:44
RYA Day Skipper Theory & Practical Sailing
Dear Matt A quick email to Thank you and your team for my recent sailing experience on the Solent. In preparation for my practical Day skipper I took the Zoom theory in March. It was an excellent informative & well delivered course. Tom handles varying levels of queries whilst “navigating” several electronic devices, a skill I am yet to fully achieve! Your boats are well maintained and kept clean. The physical slab reefing and wind conditions have put us through our paces. Dom swiftly established our crews potential and ensured that we were thorough exhausted and exhilarated up to and including the final hour of the weekend. What a skilled instructor. With lots left to learn I hope that my diary and business commitments allow some more time on the Solent later this year. You deserve success and I wish you all well.
24/05/2021 13:26:57
Solent Day Sailing Expereince
Hi Matt, Just wanted to write a brief message - I was out with David (who I accidentally called Steve at one point) on the Jeanneau on Thursday for the Solent Day Sailing. Despite the weather (partly because of the weather, to be honest), it was an absolutely brilliant experience. Sadly everyone else on the trip including my friend wanted to return early - whilst I was grinning from ear to ear and would happily have stayed out and learned more about the handling characteristics in gusty weather. I'll be booking on for one of your Competent Crew courses as soon as I can arrange appropriate childcare cover to enable it. Please do ensure my appreciation is passed on to David.
23/05/2021 12:53:35
Excellent PB2 course under really difficult conditions
Just completed a PB 2 course with Dom and Russ during some really trying weather conditions - up to Force 9 forecast. The guys adapted the course so we could get our open water experience done before the worst of the weather hit, and then the close quarters training was done in more sheltered waters as the weather raged around us. 10/10 for flexibility and adapting to the conditions, friendly and knowledgeable instructors, great coffee and lots of laughs. A really great way to spend a couple of days on the water. Thanks!
22/05/2021 10:46:26
Powerboat Level 2 Certification
Had a brilliant 2 days completing the Powerboat Handling Level 2 qualification. Russ & Dom were excellent, and very experienced, instructors. They made the course very interesting, fun and informative. They made sure everyone felt safe and comfortable, and ensured we had plenty of time to learn and master our new skills! I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to either brush up their skills or who has no experience and is keen to learn. Thanks for a great time, so pleased I did this course!!
21/05/2021 19:13:12
Power Boat Course Level 2
Really excellent course given by Solent Boat Training - everyone was friendly, professional and instructions given clearly. Despite restrictions placed by Covid SBT organised everything very safely and enjoyably. Our trainer Dom made sure everyone was happy with each aspect of the course before proceeding to the next, from my husband and son who have knowledge of power boats to myself who had no knowledge of handling a boat. I now feel confident in knowing how handle a power boat in various conditions and how to deal with unforeseen events; would highly recommend them, fantastic weekend! Thank you!
10/05/2021 08:46:38
Day skipper virtual theory
Great well organised week full of interesting stuff to learn. Tom has been great instructor and managed to deliver tons of things in pretty full on 5 day stretch including plenty of useful feed back throughout. Fully recommend to everyone.
08/05/2021 10:25:43
RYA Day Skipper Theory Virtual Course
I just completed a first class 5-day virtual course with Tom Lessing, which was extremely well-structured with the heavy navigation elements nicely interspersed with practical knowledge and so many useful tips from his long experience on the water. Frankly I had been dreading doing this on Zoom rather than face to face but it turned out really well, with plenty of interaction and a small enough class to have really effective dialogue on the hard bits. As an old salt I found the O level geometry stretching as expected but Tom's explanations were full and clear, and well backed up with page references and where to go later for more practice. Glad to recommend this to anyone. The only thing missing was the beers afterwards but we will just have to wait for the practicals for those. Richard Pascoe 3.5.2021
03/05/2021 16:23:23
Day Skipper Theory Online
Brilliantly taught over zoom and engaging throughout. Was great to be able to do the course from home and I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything, despite not being all together in a classroom.
30/04/2021 22:36:44
RYA Power Boat Course Level 2
I would like to say a massive thank you to Matt. He made sure everyone was 100% confident in each task before moving on and made the two days bery enjoyable. It was a great expearience and I couldnt recomend them enough.
28/04/2021 11:16:49
Powerboat Intermediate 23/04/21
I would like to thank Sean and SBT for the brilliant Intermediate Powerboat course. Sean was very patient with me, even when I gave a wrong bearing when on the Passage & Pilotage trip. This is my 4th course with SBT ( VHF, Essential Navigation & Seamanship, Powerboat 2 and now Powerboat Intermediate) and I thoroughly recommend SBT as my "Go To " Training Centre. Overall, brilliant - thanks all!!
23/04/2021 18:58:51

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