Our company public liability insurance covers you for incidents caused by our instructors and 3rd parties when you are on our vessels or in our classrooms.

It will not cover you for incidents involving solely yourself such as a trip or fall with no one else involved even when on our boats.

Also it will not cover you for :-
  1. Travel disruption to and from our centre.
  2. Course cancellation or delay caused by bad weather.
  3. Your own illness or none attendance for any reason.
  4. When you are not on board our vessels or in our classrooms, eg walking around the public areas.

Therefore we strongly recommend you are covered by a insurance policy.

We find the following providers offer very good value and tailored cover that do fit with our courses and events. 

We are not connected to the following companies in any way.

It is your responsibility to buy cover that you require. Not all policies are the same and some have limitations such as Covid 19 cover.

Buyer beware.