RYA Course Completion, Action Plans & Resits

On completion of your course the RYA instructor that has been teaching you will provide you course feedback and tell you straight away the outcome of the course. Generally there are three different outcomes: 

Pass - This will mean once the paperwork is completed you will be awarded with the relevant course completion certificate.
Action Plan & Reassessment - This is for candidates that have almost reached the required standard to complete the course but need just a little more help. Action plans are quite normal and are designed to reward you for your good work while helping you with areas of weakness, so don't feel despondent if this happens to you.
The RYA instructor will suggest ways you can improve on your weaker areas. These usually require more practical time at sea which can be completed anywhere. We do offer a range of experience builders, skills days and events that are often useful to gain this required sea time. Actions plan will have a timescale attached to them with the maximum time to complete the plan being 1 year.
The RYA instructor will give you full details and costs of your action plan reassessment. We operate a fixed rate pricing system for action plans reassessments which is designed to cover our costs only, we do not make any profit from these reassessments. Details are below.
Course Re-sit - This recommendation is increasingly unusual since we publish very clear prerequisites for each course on our website meaning we don`t often encounter vastly under prepared students. However, if it is the opinion of the RYA instructor, the whole course will need to be completed again. The best way to avoid this outcome is to be honest with yourself and only attempt the course when you have good practical experience and theory knowledge.
Course re-sits are charged at the standard course rate.

RYA Action Plan Reassessment Costs


RYA Instructor Costs From : Depending On Season

Part Day ( <  4 hours ) £150.  Full Day ( 4 - 8 hours ) £250
Classroom Hire Costs
Boat Charter Costs From : Depending On Season
Powerboat Rib ( < 4 hours ) £175. Full Day ( 4- 8 hours ) £ 350

Larger Sailing Yacht 37ft ( < 4 hours ) £200. Full Day ( 4- 8 hours ) £ 350

Motorboat Full Day ( 4- 8 hours ) £ 750

Larger boats may require a competent crew to help you during your reassessment. You are very welcome to bring your own crew or we can provide crew at £100 per day or part day.