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Day Skipper Plus Package Sail - Solent Boat Training

The Day Skipper Plus Package

Solent Boat Trainings' take on the 'Zero to Hero' or 'Fast Track' package offered by many other training centres world wide.

After completing your first introductory course within your chosen field, you can then book all the remaining courses and experience builders, both practical on the water and shorebased, at a 'Discounted Package Price'to ensure you gain the knowledge and skills required to be a confident and effective skipper, at a realistic pace.
By completing each course as a module in a logical order, we believe you will have the opportunity to put into practice, the various skills you have learnt as you go, prior to moving on to the next step.

Once you have Booked your Day Skipper Plus Package, you will be given 12 months to complete the package, from the start date of your first course.

So What's Included in the Package Price?
      • RYA Competent Crew Course  -  5 Days
      • Mile/Experience Builder  -  2 Days
      • RYA First Aid at Sea Course  -  1 Day
      • RYA VHF SRC Course  -  1 Day
      • RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Course  - 1 Day
      • RYA Day Skipper Theory Course  -  5 Days
      • Mile/Experience Builder  -  2 Days
      • RYA Day Skipper Practical Course  -  5 Days

Additional Experience Days to Consider
  • SBT Marina Skills  -  1 Day
  • SBT Sail Trim & Manoeuvres  -  1 Day 
  • Additional Mile/Experience Builder  -  2, 3 or 7 Days
Terms & Conditions of Day Skipper Plus Package
  • The Cost of the VHF SRC Exam is Not included within the package price and is applied for and payable directly through the RYA
  • If you book a place on a module, but fail to attend, you will be charged the current price for an alternative date (in line with our cancellation policy)
  • If for any reason you are unable to complete the full package, you will only be refunded for the courses/elements not completed up to that point (in line with our cancellation policy)

RYA VHF Radio Course


RYA First Aid at Sea

RYA First Aid at Sea

RYA Day Skipper Navigation Course SBT

RYA Day Skipper Theory Course