Engine Maintenance Courses

Engine Maintenance Course Solent Boat Training
We all know that our Engine is one of the hardest working components of any boat.  Most are well looked after and maintained whilst we are reliant on them, during the Boating Season, but are quickly forgotten about and sometimes neglected, during those long Winter months.

Well with a little knowledge of how your engine works and how best to prepare it for the winter, we can protect it for the conditions ahead, while you wait patiently for the next long awaited season.  With the correct care and maintenance, our engine should be protected and ready to serve us again, when you most need it.

Solent Boat Training run a number of Diesel and Outboard Engine courses from our dedicated and well equipped workshop, where you will learn the basics of how your engine is designed and operates.  Once you know how it works, we can then cover the various servicing tasks to be completed for every day use and also how to best prepare it for Winterisation.

We have a variety of Diesel and Petrol Outboard Engines, so that you can get hands on experience and practice removal and refitting components, allowing you to complete & practice those previously daunting service tasks.

Why not treat your engine to some TLC and book your next course via our 'Live Course Calendar'